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How to transfer your current subscription to JagsJungle

  • As Doug mentioned, he's honoring all current subscriptions to JagsJungle to the end of February. The easiest way to get current subscribers VIP access to the new site and the 247Sports network, please go through the following steps.

    1. Go to our activation link below. At this time, you'll need to decide if you want to continue your subscription after February either as a monthly or annual subscriber of the site. The price for a monthly subscription is 9.95 while an annual is 107.40.

    2. Once you select monthly or annual, fill out your user information along with your billing information. (Ignore that it says 30-day free because I'll adjust your renewal date later.)

    3. After completing the activations process, please e-mail ( or private message me that you've completed the process. At this time, I'll verify that you are a current subscriber to JagsJungle and then extend your subscription to the end of February.

    Thanks and please let me know if anyone has problems or questions regarding the activation process.

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