Jags Scrimmage Report

The Jags started their first scrimmage of the season today on another cold Thursday morning on campus.

The offense focused mainly on driving the ball down field as quickly as possible. Brandon Bridge showed off his speed and read ability when he scored on a 45-yard scramble.

Bridge found Shavarez Smith on a quick out route, and Smith took over from there. On what should have been a simple 10 yard gain, Smith threw a defender to the ground and took off for a 50 yard touchdown that caused the entire offense to chase him into the end zone in celebration.

Corey Besteda showed why he can be such a dangerous threat on the field. Using his size to leap over defenders, Besteda snared a ball out of the air and finding a hole for a 30 yard gain.

Jay Jones displayed his speed and showed that in spite of his small size, he can take a hit.

On defense, Romelle Jones and Ceasare Johnson manhandled the offensive line and attacked runners in the backfield on multiple plays. On one play, Johnson simply used his hands to put an offensive lineman on the seat of his pants. Johnson is an absolute monster.

Tyrell Pearson continues his scrappy play, breaking up two straight pass attempts. Clifton Crews and Enrique Williams also had passes defended.

The special teams had a few hiccups with the snap count, causing head coach Joey Jones to lose his temper, something that has been a rare sight in the past. Logan Gunn missed a few 40 yard field goals, but was good from 47 on his first attempt. Kickoffs and punts were not practiced.

The Jags will return to practice on March 19 after taking a week off for spring break.

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